Namaste India,

We are here to give you one of the best at the sea party experience of your life. We have successfully organising parties in Colombo Sri Lanka last year. Now we are coming to party with India!


(This is the promotional offer only for the citizens of India) Select the closest port to your location, select the date you want to party and book the number of tickets. (Max 5 tickets) You will have to book your ticket now by paying just Rs.99 and you shall receive your ticket/s via courier partner where you will have to pay the remaining amount.

In order to book your ticket at Rs.99 you will need to share this offer to 5 people on WhatsApp.

That is how we save on our advertising cost, so that we can offer you cheapest possible price, if you do not want to share then simply pay full ticket amount of Rs.999


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About Party

We at NCC are a fleet of more than 10+ commercial cruise which operate in Europe and Caribbean. November to March our cruise line face an off season due to intense winters in Europe. During that period we party at the equator, on the coast lines of Rio, Brazil, Cape Town, SA, Mozambique, SA, & Colombo, Sri Lanka. We would now like to Party with India and like to promote the Cruise Party Culture here. I am sure we all like to party but there is no party like a cruise party, which is lesser known to Indians. February 2019 we are sending one of our finest cruise ship Superstar to Indian coasts to make some noise. This year ticket rates are 500% lower than what we charge in Europe. Our parties are huge and awesome. We are offering the unlimited food and beer so that you can have the most luxurious party experience and spread the word of mouth for us. Shopping, dance floors, best Indian DJs, magic shows, music shows, karaoke bars, swimming pools, relaxing set up on decks so that you can gaze at the night stars and relish the beautiful night at sea. We will party from Dusk to Dawn, you will board the ship at 7 PM , enjoy the party all night, witness the amazing sun rise and be back on the port by 8 AM the next morning. We promise you the unforgettable 13 hours of your life. .


NCC is one of the finest cruise liners in Europe. We have been in the business over 51 years now. Our mega size cruises are one of the most beautiful and well maintained & highly equipped cruise ships. All our cruise ships are certified for safety & hygiene from the respective port authority before sailing, a series of regular inspections and audits makes us world renowned names in the hospitality industry.


The NCC staff has received the prestigious ‘Best Sea Workers’ award for more than 5 times. Captain Robert Timothy has the experience of more than 10,000 hours at the sea who is also the host of your party. Under his command we have the nicest technical, kitchen & service staff.


Choose the city from where you can join us for the party. Before sailing the port authority will fulfil all the safety majors and each traveller will be insured while at sea. Dont you worry, all the parties at sea are permitted by the law of the land. Alcoholic beverages will be served only to the people aged above 18 yrs.


You can book the tickets at Rs.99/- by sharing our link with 5 people or directly by paying Rs.999/- The cancellation of the ticket is not possible under any circumstances if you choose to cancel after COD of your ticket. If passenger/s fail to show up at the port on time no refund will be processed. (Free Ola Taxi will be made available from the port to dock)